Speculative Stock Report
Otto Energy Limited (ASX: OEL): Selling Share

Otto Energy (“OEL” or the “Company”) is an ASX-listed oil and gas exploration and production...

By ACE Investors / 25 Oct 2021
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Audeara Limited (ASX: AUA): Audeara is focuse

Audeara Limited (“AUA” or the “Company”) is a hearing health technology company that has dev...

By ACE Investors / 18 Oct 2021
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Genmin Limited – African Iron Ore Explorati

Genmin Limited (“GEN” or the “Company) is an ASX-listed iron ore exploration and development c...

By ACE Investors / 04 Oct 2021
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Central Petroleum Limited(ASX: CTP) Excellent

Central Petroleum Limited (“CTP” or the “Company”) is an oil and gas explorer and producer f...

By ACE Investors / 27 Sep 2021
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Strike Energy Limited: Aims to Establish Itse

Strike Energy Limited (“STX” or the “Company) is a proudly Western Australian Company building...

By ACE Investors / 20 Sep 2021
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Calidus Resources Limited – Warrawoona Gold

Calidus Resources Limited (“CAI” or the “Company) is an ASX listed gold company that is develo...

By ACE Investors / 13 Sep 2021
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Oklo Resources Limited(ASX: OKU) Reported Hig

Oklo Resources Limited (“Oklo Resources” or the “Company) is an ASX listed gold exploration co...

By ACE Investors / 06 Sep 2021
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Antisense Therapeutics Limited: Multiple Valu

Antisense Therapeutics Limited (“ANP” or the “Company”) is a biotechnology company, developi...

By ACE Investors / 30 Aug 2021
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Envirosuite Limited (ASX: EVS): $14 Million o

Envirosuite (“EVS” or the “Company”) is a global leader in environmental intelligence and is...

By ACE Investors / 23 Aug 2021
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Silex Systems Limited(ASX: SLX) Likely to Gai

Silex Systems Limited (“Silex” or the “Company”) is an Australian technology company focused...

By ACE Investors / 16 Aug 2021
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Delorean Corporation Limited: Tangible Pipeli

Delorean Corporation Limited (“DEL” or the “Company”) is a vertically-integrated renewable e...

By ACE Investors / 09 Aug 2021
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Micro-X Limited(ASX: MX1) First Mover in Next

Micro-X Limited (“MX1” or the “Company) is engaged in developing and commercializing a range o...

By ACE Investors / 02 Aug 2021
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