City Chic Collective Limited (ASX: CCX): Time

City Chic Collective Limited (“CCX” or the “Company”) is a global Omni-channel retailer spec...

By ACE Investors / 07 May 2021
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Coles Limited(ASX:COL): Buy The Dip, or Wait

Coles Group Limited (“COL” or the “Company”) is one of Australia's largest retailers...

By ACE Investors / 21 Apr 2021
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Marley Spoon AG(ASX:MMM) Investments in Techn

Marley Spoon AG (“MMM” or the “Company”) is a global subscription-based meal kit service pro...

By ACE Investors / 14 Apr 2021
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JB Hi-Fi Limited – Continues to Execute Wel

JB Hi-Fi Limited (“JBH” or the “Company) brings together two of Australia’s best known and m...

By ACE Investors / 06 Apr 2021
Read More Limited: Record Sales Growth Co Limited (“MyDeal” or the “Company”) is an online retail marketplace focused on...

By ACE Investors / 30 Mar 2021
Read More (ASX: KGN): ‘Mighty Ape’ acquis (ASX: KGN) is a pioneer of Australian eCommerce with a growing portfolio of retail and ser...

By ACE Investors / 24 Mar 2021
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Adore Beauty Group Limited (ASX: ABY): Favour

Adore Beauty (“ABY” or the “Company”) is a focused e-commerce website with a vision to provi...

By ACE Investors / 11 Mar 2021
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RedBubble Limited – Offers a Compelling Inv

Redbubble Limited (“RBL” or the “Company”) sells uncommon designs on high-quality, everyday ...

By ACE Investors / 08 Mar 2021
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The Reject Shop Limited (“TRS” or the “Company”) is a well-known Australia-based Discount-re...

By ACE Investors / 19 Feb 2021
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Zebit Inc – Unique Operating Model Has Rein

Zebit Inc (“Zebit” or the “Company) is a California based eCommerce company dedicated to chang...

By ACE Investors / 16 Feb 2021
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Breville Group Limited: Stock Price Reflectin

Breville Group Limited (“Breville” or the “Company”) is the leading providers of small elect...

By ACE Investors / 28 Jan 2021
Read More Limited: Continued Accelerated Grow Limited (“KGN” or the “Company) is a pioneer of Australian eCommerce with a growing ...

By ACE Investors / 11 Dec 2020
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